Pengaruh Penambahan NiO dan CeO2 terhadap Aktivitas Katalitik La0,7Sr0,3MnO3-δ pada Reaksi Oksidasi Parsial Metana

Mahfuzhoh, Hafshah (2017) Pengaruh Penambahan NiO dan CeO2 terhadap Aktivitas Katalitik La0,7Sr0,3MnO3-δ pada Reaksi Oksidasi Parsial Metana. Undergraduate thesis, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.

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Pengaruh penambahan NiO dan CeO2 terhadap aktivitas katalitik La0,7Sr0,3MnO3-δ (LSM 73) pada reaksi oksidasi parsial metana telah dilakukan. Oksida perovskit LSM 73 disintesis dengan metode solid state. Difraktometer sinar-X digunakan untuk karakterisasi oksida perovskit sebelum dan setelah reaksi. LSM 73, NiO dan CeO2 dibentuk granul berdiameter ±1 mm. Sebelum digunakan, katalis diaktivasi dengan mengalirkan O2 5% dengan laju 30 mL.menit-1 dalam reaktor selama pemanasan furnace dari suhu ruang hingga tercapai suhu 600 °C. Setelah tercapai suhu 600 °C aliran O2 dihentikan kemudian CH4 10% dialirkan dengan laju 30 mL.menit-1 selama lima jam. Gas hasil reaksi dianalisis dengan Gas Chromatography. Hasil reaksi menunjukkan bahwa aktivitas katalitik LSM 73 berdasarkan konversi metana berkisar antara 51,11 - 56,41% selama 5 jam reaksi. Penambahan NiO pada LSM 73 berpengaruh terhadap kenaikan nilai konversi metana menjadi antara 58,12 - 61,37%. Penambahan CeO2 pada LSM 73 berpengaruh terhadap kenaikan konversi metana pada jam ketiga reaksi. ============================================================================================== The effect of addition of NiO and CeO2 on the catalytic activity of La0,7Sr0,3MnO3-δ (LSM 73) on partial oxidation of methane has been performed. LSM 73 perovskite oxide is synthesized by solid state method. X-ray diffractometer are used to characterize the perovskite oxides before and after the reaction. LSM 73, NiO and CeO2 were formed into granules with diameter ±1 mm. The pretreated process is performed on the catalyst prior to the reaction. The catalyst is fed by 5% O2 at flow rate of 30 mL.min-1 in the reactor during furnace heating from room temperature to 600 °C. After reaching 600 °C the O2 flow is stopped. The catalytic activity test begins when Gas CH4 10% was supplied with a flow rate of 30 mL.min-1 for five hours. The gases from the reaction were analyzed by Gas Chromatography. The reaction results showed that the catalytic activity of LSM 73, based on methane conversion, ranged from 51.11 to 56.41% for 5 hours reaction. Addition of NiO to LSM 73 increase the methane conversion value ranged from 58,12 - 61,37%. Addition of CeO2 to LSM 73 increase the methane conversion at the third hour of reaction.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Oksida perovskit, oksidasi metana, LSM 73, NiO, CeO2.
Subjects: Q Science > QD Chemistry
Divisions: Faculty of Mathematics and Science > Chemistry > 47201-(S1) Undergraduate Thesis
Depositing User: Hafshah Mahfuzhoh .
Date Deposited: 02 Nov 2017 02:04
Last Modified: 05 Mar 2019 07:24

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