Procedia Computer Science

Volume 124, 2017, Pages 274-279
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Procedia Computer Science

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Public e-Marketplaces for Selling Apparel Products in Indonesia

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Public e-marketplace is a mean in selling products online. Unfortunately, there is limited understanding which public e-marketplace is more effective in selling specific products. This study examines the relationships concerning traffic and selling performance of public e-marketplaces. More specifically we examine for apparel products. We compare the performance of three public e-marketplaces in Indonesia namely Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee. There are three performance indicators to assess that are total sales volume, total sales amount, and total sales variances. The results indicate that Tokopedia as the highest traffic public e-marketplaces exceeds the other two public e-marketplaces. In addition, Shopee as the lowest traffic public e-marketplace proves more effectives compare to the second highest, Bukalapak.


Public e-Marketplace
Channel Analysis
Customer Relationship Management