Pengaruh Peletakan Alat Bongkar Muat Terhadap Stabilitas Pada Kapal Container Palwo Buwono 400 TEU' s

Kusumawati, Atik Setya (2000) Pengaruh Peletakan Alat Bongkar Muat Terhadap Stabilitas Pada Kapal Container Palwo Buwono 400 TEU' s. Undergraduate thesis, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.

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Unevenly loading on board causing the ship ' s
stability being disturb , that can make the ship heeling
in a very large angle and it might collapse
This was caused by the unusual position of cranes
which both of them lie on ports ide of the ship , and the
problem occurs when the arm of cranes doing their work in
loading or unloading containers from board to out side of
ship or opposite .
The container ship, Palwo Buwono 400 TED ' s used
an anti heeling device . This device has two tanks , each
lie on ports ide and starboard, accomply with a pump to
flow the water between tanks . Thi s pump has a certain
working capacity when the crane are doing their jobs to
load or unloading containers .
Based on this condition that the Palwo Buwono
had , many effort has to made to keep the ship on her
stable position Means , the ship have to heel in range of
angle not exceed from those which the operator control
had stated previously in anti heeling system . Considering
the system work at certain heeling angle and capasities ,
that is 15 degrees on portside and 15 degrees on
To know how far the ship can heel while doing
their activities to load and unloading containers , some
experiment had done by giving vary conditions of weight and
kinds of containers , turning angle of crane lever movement
and also the most important three kinds of ship condition
that mentioned by the class .
In result , later we can get the maximum values of
containers that the ship can carry in order to avoid a large
heeling angle extend from the range of the system anti
heeling which applied in Palwo Buwono

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